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Healing In The Kneeling: Health For A Hurting Heart

Pray for those who mistreat you. God inspired this injunction with a sovereign breath of love knowing we would suffer relational hurt. Knowing our expectation to be treated with kind consideration would be thwarted by sin, he gave us a remedy. Knowing bitterness would worm its gnarly way into our broken heart and plant its seeds of destruction, he gave us an escape plan that calls for us to run to the Cross. Read more

God's Mercy Never Leaves Us Alone In The Cold Silence Of The Night

Though shunning comes with a sting of rejection, it's a sharp sting that can be used to powerfully engrave the message of the gospel more deeply upon our heart. Echoing the words of mercy with every cut, God can beautifully use the relational distress to make us more fully alive to His love that is pure and perfect and powerful enough to plummet the full depth of our darkness. Read more

When Silence Shouts Shame

If we want to be a community of believers marked by genuine love, it's not going to happen without the appropriation of gospel grace that empowers us to resist our instinctual response to retreat from suffering. We need Jesus. We need His transforming grace to daily renew our minds and set us free from ourselves. Read more