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When Letting Someone Off The Hook Is The Most Loving Thing We Can Do

Life is complicated and nuanced and there are always a multiple of reasons for the hurtful actions of others that we will never be able to understand, reasons that often have nothing to do with us. The most we can do in the midst of relational hurt is humbly go to the table of communication and lay out our heart in raw honesty. Read more

Missing In Action: The Desperate Cry For Safe People

Safe people carry a healthy fear of the sinful pride that renders them unsafe and prone to the harmful devaluing, dismissing and dishonoring of others. Safe people are humble people who kneel before the Savior in full awareness of their own deep need for safety. Read more

God's Mercy Never Leaves Us Alone In The Cold Silence Of The Night

Though shunning comes with a sting of rejection, it's a sharp sting that can be used to powerfully engrave the message of the gospel more deeply upon our heart. Echoing the words of mercy with every cut, God can beautifully use the relational distress to make us more fully alive to His love that is pure and perfect and powerful enough to plummet the full depth of our darkness. Read more