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The Joy Of Finding Satisfaction With Dissatisfaction

Conversations about having a joyful heart can so easily leave us with the impression that being a surrendered Christian involves our experiencing a sense of sweet satisfaction in this life. That if we're truly seeking to trust a Savior in whom we are found complete, that certainly what should follow is a sense of deep contentment not just in the Giver of good gifts, but in the gifts themselves. Read more

Christian, Your Life Is Complete: Abundantly & Joyfully Live It!

Because of Christ, I have been granted the privilege to live abundantly in the fullness of His joy. This is the message of truth that beats within my heart. It's a privilege of joy too robust to be barred by any restraints of singlehood, motherhood, or fatherhood. It's a privilege of joy too strong to be broken by any abuse of kinship, friendship, or leadership. And it's a privilege of joy too secure to be bound by any feeling of enjoyment, amusement or merriment. Read more