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True Love: Faithful When The Fireworks Fizzle

From New York City's spectacular show to the backyard simplicity of sparklers, smoke bombs and ground spinners, for over fifty years I've enjoyed the privilege of having my fourth of July decorated with its own unique display of fireworks. I accept each one as a priceless gift, for the celebration of freedom isn't about the momentary sensation of any exploding light.... Read more

Staying The Course: 3 Race Rules That Rule My Run

More than ever, I am convinced that it takes hard work and strong grace-wrought determination, discipline and dedication to stay the course as a follower of Christ. I spend far too much time dealing with the sinful fallout of well-intentioned people who stopped running with intention to believe otherwise. Read more

Releasing Our Grip Of Control In The Face Of Disagreement

The more we feel the need for man's approving affirmation, the more we'll move toward those who coddle us even as we actively distance ourselves from those who challenge us. The unfortunate fallout of this pride is that we end up eliminating the very people from our lives who have the greatest potential to expand our heart, stretch our mind, and broaden our perspective. Read more