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True Love: Faithful When The Fireworks Fizzle

From New York City's spectacular show to the backyard simplicity of sparklers, smoke bombs and ground spinners, for over fifty years I've enjoyed the privilege of having my fourth of July decorated with its own unique display of fireworks. I accept each one as a priceless gift, for the celebration of freedom isn't about the momentary sensation of any exploding light.... Read more

Caring About Right Things At The Right Time

Sometimes we don't care about the right things at the right time. That inappropriately-dressed teen drawing attention to her body may need the loving attention of a genuine mentor more than she needs admonition from a modesty sheriff. The culture is shouting the lie to her that her power is found in her sexuality, and the attention her... Read more

When God Uses Your Wandering Child To Save You From Your Wayward Self

It's good when parental hindsight brings healthy introspection and humble confession that doesn't immobilize us with guilt. My husband and I are committed to looking at ourselves as honestly as possible, and we've found great joy and forgiveness in the gospel and from our children as we've walked through the mistakes and failures of our parenting. Read more