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Staying The Course: 3 Race Rules That Rule My Run

More than ever, I am convinced that it takes hard work and strong grace-wrought determination, discipline and dedication to stay the course as a follower of Christ. I spend far too much time dealing with the sinful fallout of well-intentioned people who stopped running with intention to believe otherwise. Read more

Confused & Frustrated: When I'm Losing My Mind

"Your rest is not to be found in figuring your life out, but in trusting the One who has it all figured out for your good and His glory. Rest is never found in the quest to understand it all. No, rest is found in trusting the One who understands it all and rules it all for His glory and our good." Paul Tripp Read more

2016: A New Year To Stand Our Ground In Humble Defiance

I can't help but to think about how powerfully my physical training mirrors the spiritual exercise that is such an integral part of my pursuit of Christ. Both demand a mental engagement that has me planting my feet in defiance against my flesh and my feelings. Spiritually, it's an engagement of grace directed by the Holy Spirit who enables me to stand my ground against the lies of the enemy. Read more