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Taking The Reins: Resolving To Rightly Respond To Relational Dysfunction

When I counsel a woman to take the reins, I'm not counseling her to meet the control of a man with control of her own. Nor am I counseling her with any relational advice to disgengage, though that may be best. I'm counseling her to grab the reins as a redeemed woman and head on a path of light that has her resolved to follow hard after Christ. It's not counsel to lead, it's counsel to follow. Read more

3 Facts About Anger To Help Keep Your Cool In The Political Heat

The temptation to embrace anger is enticing because of our pride. Anger is comforting. It's like a warm blanket on a cold night, and moving beyond the heat of its emotion requires stepping into our pain and facing the chill of our loss. It requires stepping into a place of humility where, stripped of our warm perception of strength, we're left with the cold perception of weakness. Read more

2016: A New Year To Stand Our Ground In Humble Defiance

I can't help but to think about how powerfully my physical training mirrors the spiritual exercise that is such an integral part of my pursuit of Christ. Both demand a mental engagement that has me planting my feet in defiance against my flesh and my feelings. Spiritually, it's an engagement of grace directed by the Holy Spirit who enables me to stand my ground against the lies of the enemy. Read more