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Christmasing In Peace: Quietly Listening To The Right Questions

When the deafening wind of inquiries overwhelm my heart, I've learned the only way to find rest for my soul is to stop and listen to the voice of my Father. And in the stillness I discover that he is quietly asking ME questions. I've never secured peace by asking right questions in a state of confusion, I've only secured it by the grace that has me offering right answers in a state of contentment. Read more

Refusing To Give Humility A Bad Wrap

Pride is one of sin's favored deceptions, masquerading as life when it's actually death. It destroys relational health in marriages, families, friendships, and ministries. It kills the spirit of the Body, leaving us momentarily feeling powerful and in control. But it's not real power and it's not real control. Read more

Learning To Love When The Christmas Cheer Runs Dry

It's inevitable that many of us will experience some form of relational hurt this Christmas season as we gather with family and friends. The Father of Lies feeds his soul on dishonesty, so it makes perfect sense that the fruit of love, joy and peace would be demonstrated the least when we're singing about it the most. Read more