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A Perilous Pursuit: Laying Your Life On The Line For Love

Ambiguity. We recoil from its discomfort, and we retreat from its demand that we surrender to the limitations of humanity. We are by nature rebels who resist bowing the knee to our inability to decipher another's motivation, determine their mind, and dissect their heart. Read more

Guilty As Charged: Abnormal, Unnatural & Inappropriate

It's not normal to love those who are cruel and hateful. It's not natural to love those who murder and destroy. There's nothing normal or natural about that kind of love. In fact, it's downright inappropriate. It isn't appropriate because it isn't proper or fitting for the circumstances. There's no way around it, loving our enemies is an abnormal, unnatural and inappropriate human response. Read more

I Want To Be Someone Other Than A Needy Woman

When darkness falls upon my spirit, one of the most difficult things for me to do is to look away from myself and look to Christ who is My Righteousness. I'm tempted to morbid introspection, a manifestation of my prideful desire to be someone other than a needy woman who is desperate for grace. Read more