God Is Not Bound By Time

Nothing settles my anxious heart more than focusing my attention on the sovereignty of God. By sovereignty, I am meaning that God has supreme authority over all that has happened, is happening, and will happen in the future in all times across all history. He has absolute power and there is nothing that is not done by Him or allowed by Him. When I set my mind on the truth that He is in control of every unfolding in my life, I have a place to filter all the delays that don’t fit my time table and my time schedule, and all the setbacks that don't fit my agenda.  

One of the books that I find to be particularly helpful in offering a practical understanding and application of God's providential guidance is Layton Talbert's Not By Chance: Learning to Trust A Sovereign God. If it secures a spot on your reading list, I am certain you will wish it had landed there earlier. The following excerpt is an example of Dr. Talbert's skillful weaving of theological truth into the fabric of everyday living. 

“We tend to see each downward step as a delay, a detour, a reroute. But under the providence of God, each apparent downward step, each seeming delay, is actually the most direct and necessary step toward the place of God's purpose and appointment. God weaves delays into the pattern of life for our ultimate good. We are so frantically time bound. God is not." Layton Talbert