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3 Facts About Anger To Help Keep Your Cool In The Political Heat

The temptation to embrace anger is enticing because of our pride. Anger is comforting. It's like a warm blanket on a cold night, and moving beyond the heat of its emotion requires stepping into our pain and facing the chill of our loss. It requires stepping into a place of humility where, stripped of our warm perception of strength, we're left with the cold perception of weakness. Read more

Since When Did Being Fussy Become Cool?

At the very heart of the gospel resides gratitude and praise, and nothing robs us of a thankful heart more than fussiness. I don't want to make a big deal about that which is only a little deal. And I don't want to miss what's significant because I'm busy about that which is insignificant. Read more

The Message of Peace That Doesn't Take Our Sin Wounds Seriously

If we genuinely care for others and sincerely desire healing for them, we will take their sin wounds seriously. We'll be committed to a sound theological positioning that involves strong biblical thinking, solid teaching, and wise counsel that exalts Christ and upholds the power of gospel grace. Read more