Radically Redemptive Relationships: A Videocast Series With Sharon Hersh & Holly Stratton

I met Sharon Hersh when I was a college sophomore. She was a junior, and I had admired her from a distance as the gifted national debater brilliant enough to verbally put the best and brightest in their place without compromising an ounce of feminine grace. The moment we met a friendship was born as we passionately talked our way around the world. We unfortunately lost touch as our families and respective ministries grew, but we reconnected about ten years ago and discovered our stories had taken us on very different paths.

As we cried and laughed our way through the joy and sorrow of our lives, we quickly realized that our perspectives on faith and practice were as diverse as our stories. As we hashed through issues of importance to us both, in spite of our differences we were continually reminded how strongly Christ has anchored our hearts to the truth of His infallible Word. We learned enough from each other in our discussions that we were prompted with the idea of sharing some of our conversations in a videocast series we've titled Radically Redemptive Relationships: Finding Common Ground For Love's Sake.  

You'll find links to the first two conversations at the end of this entry, and starting next week a new videocast will be posted each Tuesday. The conversations are ten to fifteen minutes, covering a variety of random and unrelated topics. I am so grateful for Ben Sullivan and his team at Novel Motion Pictures for their work. They were amazing even though we still haven't forgiven them for not making us look twenty years younger. And when you hear the introductory song, I think you'll want to meet my beautiful friend Sharon Gerber at Celloasis. Her music is glorious.

"These videocasts have really been a labor of love, as well as an experience of love, between two friends with different stories committed to believing that our small stories are connected to a Larger Story - a story where the Beginning, middle, and Ending is Jesus. We have both been tempted to look at these videocasts and see the flaws (in ourselves - not each other). Let's just say that men picked out the chairs that we sat in and they are not becoming, but now that I have that out of the way I want to focus on what really matters. We are all pretty good at seeing the things that don't matter - our imperfections, the realities of growing older, and bulky clothing."  Sharon Hersh 

Videocast #1:  Radically Redemptive Relationships: Introduction

Videocast #2: Radically Redemptive Relationship: Intimacy