A Mother's Day Message: Focused In A Field Of Dreams

The dreams we have for our children when they're young are endless. They are dreams that are good and right, dreams created by our imaginations that have been inspired, informed, and instructed. The power of possibility that reigns today is robust, residing within a repertoire of reward that's as rich as its promise. In spite of the brokenness of this world, the field of dreams is beautiful, filling the air with the scent of sweet aspiration.

But even in our most earnest of earthly contemplations, we know we dream in darkness. We hope and we pray, but the reality of God's hand of sovereign control never fully leaves us, and we rest in the truth that "in their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps." (Prov 16:9) And by faith, we stand on the promise that our future is secured in Christ alone.

I love hearing the dreams of mothers, and I cherish them in my heart. I'm on the side of motherhood with grown children, and every beautiful vision I had for them when they were young has proven vital to my growth in love and grace. Some of those dreams have been realized, some have been shattered, some now make me laugh, and some make me cry. But all of them point back to my sovereign God of loving perfection who has always been "my sun and shield; bestowing upon me undeserved favor and honor, and never withholding any good thing from me." (Ps 84:11)

If your stage of motherhood has the field of dreams resting before you more than behind you, praise God for the grace of youthful energy.  Run freely, run fully, run fervently. Dream big! There's so much beauty around you. But in all your dreaming, never lose sight of Christ. He's calling to you. Just as you do with your own children, He's gently taking your face between His hands and saying to you, "Look at me." In the midst of the dreams and distractions of life, He's saying to you, "Look at me." 

If your stage of motherhood has the field of dreams behind you more than before you, praise God for the grace of age and wisdom. God is taking your face between His Hands and saying to you, "Look at me." In the joy of dreams realized, "Look at me." In the sorrow of dreams shattered, "Look at me." 

For all of us who trust Christ as Savior, mothers or not, He is saying, "Look at me." No matter where we reside in our field of dreams, He is securing our attention. "Listen to my words." Patiently He speaks. "Trust me." Patiently He repeats Himself. "I love you, and I will never harm you." 

Mary Winslow was a mother of thirteen children, a woman of great courage who had brave dreams for her family that unfolded both powerfully and painfully. The same Father who kept turning her face over a century ago is the same Father who is turning ours, teaching us what it means to have a head filled with dreams, but a heart filled with Him. I've made many mistakes as a mother, but because of grace being greater than my sin, this is the song that I sing to you this Mother's Day:   

"Ten thousand worlds could not satisfy me now that I have tasted the unspeakably precious love of Christ. It is not change of place or circumstances, but Christ alone who can make us truly happy here and hereafter. I feel more and more the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and my own weakness and inability to stand one moment without the all upholding arm of Jehovah Jesus. The way to God is so delightful, so exactly suited to a poor lost sinner, so suited to me—a way sprinkled with atoning blood, and with justice and mercy a wall of defense on either side.” Mary Winslow, 1850